Leafy Spurge

What is leafy spurge?

Declared a noxious weed in Manitoba, leafy spurge (Euphorbia esula L.) is a long-lived and hardy plant introduced to North America from Europe and Asia. Quite distinctive during its blooming period, the vegetative form of leafy spurge is often overlooked, giving it time to establish before landowners notice it.

Leafy spurge’s aggressive growth habits and lack of natural predators in North America allow it to easily displace native vegetation and it is quick to take advantage of disturbed sites. Leafy spurge can be found in pastures, agricultural lands, roadsides, ditches, and wooded and riparian areas.

Landowners with severe infestations may face decreased land values, reduced productivity rates and a reduced income.

The best defense against leafy spurge is to detect and treat new patches at an early stage, before they become a large problem.

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